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Welcome to the Emergency Management website for University of Houston - Downtown. An emergency management system is intended to protect people and property from all types of disasters, however, individual preparedness enhances the planning for, response to and recovery from all incidents. The University departments responsible for campus security, property preservation, and life safety will be joined by local response agencies should an incident overwhelm our resources. The Department of Emergency Management will use this site to provide resource links, communicate information about emergencies, weather-related schedule changes/closings, available training and more.

UHD uses many methods to notify the campus community of emergency situations. In the event of flooding, a hurricane or other emergencies, information will be distributed via the UHD homepage, this page, by email, voice mail, Facebook and text messaging.

This site http://www.uhdemergency.info will remain active if any access problems exist with UHD's main website https://www.uhd.edu .


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